The second networking meeting was hosted by Urban Futures Centre over a light breakfast on the 31st May 2017 from 9-11am. This session invited participants from a broad spectrum of fields including, faith-based organisations, government, Non-Governmental Organisations and public benefits organisations, as well as city officials and academics, who had been identified as important stakeholders in the project over the last two months. The session focused on sharing recent learnings from a 2016 research report titled “Becoming Urban Humanitarians: Engaging local government to protect displaced People” written by Loren Landau Caroline Kihato, Jean Misago, David Obot and Ben Edwards. Prof. Loren Landau and Dr. Caroline Kihato presented the key findings of the report in relation to working at a city level on issues of migration, refugees and humanitarian aid. The report provides insightful learnings for organisations in this field and sparked a lively and robust discussion around what these findings mean in the Durban context.

Anyone interested in reading the report can find it online here.