On 12 June 2018, invited stakeholders gathered at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban for a deliberative workshop that focused on the strategic report produced from the Migration and the Inclusive City project. The report outlines the year and a half’s worth of data collection and analysis, oral history research, dialogue sessions, and project activities including the use of creative theatre for public awareness and education. In addition the strategic report developed possible city-led strategies for migration, gender and inclusion in Durban.

The workshop was attended by 28 participants, including Durban city officials, academics, and representatives from civil society. Representatives from the project partner organisations, the Democracy Development Program (Dr. Paul Kariuki), the Urban Futures Centre (Dr. Kira Erwin), and the African Solidarity Network (Daniel Byanmungu Dunia) were also in attendance. The workshop began with a presentation by Kira Erwin that summarised the purpose, research methodology, and key findings of the report. This was followed by a question and answer session, and a group discussion that explored some of the key findings and their implications for policy, governance and cohesion in the city of Durban. All participants have also received a summary report of these discussions around the report. All participants agreed that migration and building a more inclusive city should be a city mandate, and that more work was required in order to integrate this into city programmes and planning.