The project’s final strategic report written by Kira Erwin and Jeremy Grest is now complete and available for download here. The report draws on the research, advocacy and public education awareness components of the project to develop insights and suggestions on migration and inclusion in Durban, South Africa. There are an increasing number of cities worldwide which have managed to leverage migrant inflows in ways that boost their local economies, and build social inclusion. Durban receives a large number of migrants each year, both internal and external. At present the city of Durban has no formal policy framework that addresses migration and inclusion in the city. To date there have been limited city programs to address ideas of inclusion around migrancy. Durban more recently made media headlines for the violent xenophobia attacks in the city centre and surrounding areas. This report draws on research data and dialogue sessions with a broad range of stakeholders. It aims to outline a more proactive and positive way forward by which Durban as a city may develop innovative inclusive strategies around migration, which may also be of interest to many other cities worldwide.