project aims

Project Aims

The core objectives of the project are to develop a network of partners who can inform a city led response to migrants in Durban, as well as develop a strategic report that focuses on social inclusion, integration and participation for the city of Durban that draws on the below three project components:

  • Research and engagement processes on the experiences of migrant women in Durban, both South African and from other African countries, using oral histories, interviews and dialogue sessions.
  • Develop a network of partners who can inform a city led response to migration in Durban that focuses on social inclusion and participation.
  • Design and run a multi-tiered educational and awareness strategy, including radio shows and community theatre, that actively works at shifting problematic and xenophobic sentiment towards migrants and those seen as ‘foreign’.

The project brings together experienced academics, civil society activists as well as a collective grouping representing migrants from 15 African countries that live and work in Durban. It uses creative methods of storytelling (oral histories, radio scripts, short documentaries and community participatory theatre) to directly influence municipal knowledge on practices and policy discussions around social integration and inclusion of migrants in the city. These methodologies bring diverse stakeholders together in a way that both informs, and asks difficult questions of decision makers on inclusive urban planning. The starting point for these discussions is not the usual debates on best practices or policy instruments, but rather on listening to the experiances and narratives of migrant women in the city. These narratives raise questions and possibilities for rethinking city-led strategies for building a more inclusive city for all.